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Pie Solutions offers virtual services that support large companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurial start-ups.  Sometimes you need just one more piece to finish a special project, pull off an event, get your sales proposals created, or simply clean the ‘paperwork’ and all those other little details off your plate.  Our services include business and finance, creative, event planning, and assistance for any facet of your business. With our experienced in-house team and team partners, Pie Solutions becomes as extension of your business. We are here to help you grow and thrive.

Why a Slice of Pie?  

Our remote services means we are contractors so we save clients money by eliminating the need for office space, equipment, and skills as well as eliminating the business expense of hiring an in-house employee  (healthcare, benefits, insurance, employment taxes, etc).

What Kind of Pie  

Clients contract us on either a project or retainer basis. 

Projects can be extensive or small and are on a short term basis. With projects the client either needs an entire project handled by Pie Solutions or just some of the needed tasks executed to bring the project to completion.

Retainers are implemented when the client needs recurring tasks that involve the same specific tasks to be performed on a regular basis (i.e. bookkeeping tasks, social media maintenance, etc)

Clients must sign a contract for services. Pre-payment in full or a 50% down-payment with scheduled follow up payments are required dependent on the scope and time frame of the project.

Retainer payments are due at the beginning of each scheduled month of work.

About Pie Solutions

Tammy Greenwood,  founder and CEO, has worked for start-up companies and the Walt Disney Company, so she has experience from soup to nuts in all the pieces it takes for a successful outcome. The big picture is very important and Pie Solutions was created for just this reason. Our team members have worked with industry giants like Kimberly-Clark, Swarovski, Build-a-Bear, and USA Pears to name a few. So grab a slice to execute a whole project or a few tasks…and maintain your peace of mind.  Relax…. It’s as easy as pie. 

Find us on Thumbtack! At Thumbtack you can find the services you were looking for or add your own business and increase your clientele. Add it to your to-do list with a thumbtack.







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