Chris Olsen One Sheet

We hear it all the time, “It’s what’s on the inside that really matters.” And in the long run that is a true statement but let’s face it, at first glance we are attracted by the visually pleasing.  This doesn’t just hold true for when you see a person who may be your next riding into the sunset partner, but applies to most situations in our lives. If a menu pictures slop on a plate it’s not as likely to be your choice du jour. But after the initial eye candy phase, you realize you need the actual meat and potatoes. 

No matter what our choices are, in the end we want to be satisfied all around. Enter the sales proposal. Looks matter, followed by substance – potential customers need love at first sight followed by the fact that their partner is supportive, faithful, and good for them.

So many times I see  a sales deck that is tripped out with the presenter’s company logo plastered everywhere and pages full of how the presenter’s company is this, that, and the other thing. Me, me, me. No, no, no.  Know your customers’ hot buttons and goals. Your proposal should be focused on them, offer solutions for them, show how it all will benefit them. Sure, you have to talk about yourself and why you’re a better option than your competition but remember the focus is on them.  And this is where looks come in too- use their logo, an appealing graphic design- it has to be visually appealing or tell your story in addition to the text. A plain page with 500 words in small font explaining your plan?  Start farming your youngest child out to a favorite aunt because your food budget is decreasing.  

Remember:  You want love at first sight with substance that matters and leads to a long and trusting relationship.

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