Event: E-vent  (noun)

  1. a planned public or social occasion

Funny how a simple five letter word with such a vague definition can be the umbrella to a myriad of those “occasions.”  It encompasses everything from Aunt Edna’s annual 4th of July Hoedown Barbecue to a corporate black tie catered affair to a promotional marketing campaign sampling freebies to hordes of shoppers. Obviously there’s a mountain of work that goes into planning even the simplest of events-  it can involve venue selection, food, accommodations, guest lists, awards, favors, sampling products…the list goes on in this overwhelming process.  Maybe after awhile you know how to get the basics down in a blink. But does this automatically ensure a successful event? Not necessarily. The key is in the details.  And by details I don’t just mean make sure there’s enough bubbly to go around… although, hey, let’s make sure there’s enough bubbly to go around. But really it’s the small things, the ABCs of event planning, that can make it or break it.  Are Bathrooms Clean.  A Beautiful Centerpiece.  Imagine any type of celebration event- small and personal or large and corporate where everything is just perfect and then you walk into the venue’s rickey-old-can’t-even-tell-if-its-clean-because-it’s-rickety-old bathroom. Ugh. Now you have bathroom cooties. And worse, the person who just served your food probably does too. Now centerpieces. They’re just a vase of flowers, right? Yawn. They should be created with care and tie into the theme of your event. All the details should tie together in some way. When I got married my venue manager blatantly rolled his eyes at me because I refused their table seating cards that came with my ‘package’ and made them use the ones I had made instead. Mine matched the rest of my themed accessories.  They were Absolutely Better Cards.


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